Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Tony Edwin

Dr. Tony Edwin


Driving health, safety and efficacy

Dr. Tony Edwin started his career as a Doctor in State University of New York USA. He was the Director, India, for Midland Medical Technology Plc. (UK), from 2001-2004. When Smith & Nephew Plc, UK, acquired Midland Medical Technologies, Dr. Edwin headed the orthopedic reconstruction unit of Smith & Nephew in India.

Dr. Edwin is currently the Chief Medical Officer of ImmunAG LLP, Goa, India. He heads research & development and coordinates various clinical trials being conducted. ImmunAG is currently licensed as a "food ingredient” in India and Dr. Edwin is leading the efforts to have it classified as a “phyto pharmaceutical.”

He has conducted pioneering research in neuroscience, with publications in peer-reviewed journals. He has conducted several training programs over the years; from overseas Fellowship programs in Australia and UK to advanced training for lead surgeons from India and other countries.

Dr. Edwin has a proven record of building successful start-ups. He has in-depth understanding of marketing, operations, brand management and corporate governance in the medical market. He is assisting ImmunAG, LLP in every phase of its growth and operation.